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Are you looking for a new piece of furniture to add style to your home? The Tacchini Moon Chair is a great choice. It boasts an innovative design and is made with ultramodern technology.

Its retro-futuristic design makes this the ideal addition to any modern setting. The swiveling shell allows you to multitask from seated. You can enjoy a comfortable sitting experience at any hour of the day.

It is designed to fit your body perfectly and provide maximum comfort. You can choose from a variety of accent seats to match your tastes and preferences.

Pietro Arosio designed the Moon Chair for Tacchini. This piece of furniture was designed by Pietro Arosio. In order to develop new materials and technologies, he often collaborates with engineers in manufacturing.

He has used a special method to attach the frame to the seat of the chair this time. Tacchini’s furniture upholstery attaches to the seat and is part its frame.

The furniture is made of compact polyurethane with a shiny polyurethane finish. The furniture has a sturdy and long-lasting stainless steel base.

The Moon Chair by Tacchini’s graceful curves will draw everyone’s attention. It is comfortable and doesn’t take up much space. The chair is made for enjoyment and will blend seamlessly into your decor.

Moon accent seats are a stylish and elegant seating option that your family will love. What do you think the Tacchini seating solution will look best?

Tacchini Furniture: Cool Italian Furnishings

Tacchini Furniture is located in the heart Italian design between Milan & Como. The company’s collection of furniture shows their desire to create functional and attractive furnishings that can be used in both public and private spaces. Pietro Arosio and Roberto Grossi are some of their designers. Pearson Lloyd, Christophe Pillet, and Christophe Pillet are also part of their portfolio.

The stunning fashion monument, the Polar Sofa by Tacchini

The inspiration for the Polar sofa by Tacchini was not hidden by Pearson Lloyd, designer. The organic, smooth forms instantly evoke the natural shapes found in floating ice formations at the polar ice cap.

Modular units are built around a long bench-style seat. They can be connected to make a sectional, or used as a standalone sofa that has enough space for two or three people. The backrest is made from an organic block and balanced on the cushion seat cushion. This adds height and comfort to the Polar sofa’s abstract, natural form.

Tacchn Moon Lounge Char Desgn Leather Lvng Room
Tacchn Moon Lounge Char Desgn Leather Lvng Room

There are many pieces in the Polar collection that have variations on the same style, but with different C-curves and scalloped edges.

Even though the Polar sofa or complimentary armchairs aren’t upholstered with icy white, the organic lines of their designs conjure images from Mother Nature.

The sofa’s softness blends well with contemporary minimalism. It is both modern yet inviting. The unique design will become the focal point of your living space, setting the tone for a simple and clean design.

Finish the look with round, low-profile side tables. These will blend well with the sleek lines of the Polar sofa from Tacchini. This group is a powerful collection that you won’t want to miss. What is your favorite thing about this naturally elegant collection?

Galleria Sofa Bench by Tacchini

Pearson Lloyd’s latest design is as innovative and fresh as the most current European trends. Galleria from Tacchini offers a more modern and interactive style.

You have many configuration options with the modular bench-style seating system. These include basic row seating and conversational sectionals. The bench is the foundation of the collection and it’s crafted with a great deal of attention to detail.

The Galleria sofa bench features button-tufted seating, crisp trim stitching and elegant tailoring.

For non-traditional shapes, the bench foundation is the best option. The Galleria offers contemporary design at its best with all the high quality details that Tacchini is known for.

A sofa bench is a versatile and stylish addition to any home or office. You deserve a seating area that suits your personality and lifestyle.

Pearson Lloyd’s attention to detail does not preclude innovative design concepts. The Gallery sofa bench from Tacchini is made of thick natural wood planks and supported by thick columns. It has an industrial appearance that’s finished with marbled weights at the ends.

Every counterweight serves as both a visual balance and a work surface or integrated table. The seating area is enhanced by low-profile cushions and optional round backrest bolsters.

You can adjust the modular pieces to fit any environment.

Tacchini’s Pickup Chaise Lounge

Modern chaise lounge designs are often distinguished by the shape of their design, which is often influenced by other fields like architecture and art.

This stunning example challenges conventional ideas about ‘feminine’ chaises and masculine recliners. It combines both to create a futuristic piece that defies gender stereotypes.

The Pickup chaise from Tacchini was designed by Pietro Arosio. This stunning example of modern minimalism in design is both a masculine and feminine recliner. It reminds me of a very thin massage table, in some ways.

Tacchini’s Pickup chaise lounge is a stylish, modern, and versatile piece. It can be used in any room of the house and provides ergonomic support and comfort. Arosio’s innovative addition to modern design is a must-see.

The chrome-plated reclining lounge seems to hover above its frame, perched on top of sleek chrome runners. The slim, pewter cushion provides the perfect ‘zero gravity’ position for maximum comfort. It can be reclined to support the user’s hips, back and shoulders.

The Pickup chaise can be locked into a more upright position by simply moving it. This allows you to read, watch television or relax in a comfortable and easy way.

The low profile silhouette of the chair is elegant and simple, making it suitable for any room in the house, whether it’s an office or study or living room. Gender-neutral styling gives it a sophisticated edge and challenges the traditional moulds of chaise lounges and recliners.

How do you like to recline in the Pickup chaise lounge

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