How to combine bot accounts and web versions of P2P exchanger

Since 2016, we have been developing cryptocurrency exchange bots on Telegram, known as ChangeBot. This year we expanded the range of services and chose a more suitable name – Bitzlato crypto platform. Along with the development of new services, we update the old ones and transfer them to a new technology platform.

Combining accounts of the web version of the P2P exchanger and bots allows you to us...

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How does the commission work in the Bitcoin network and why is it needed

Today, no traditional payment and financial system can do without commissions, hidden or explicit. The reason is simple: fiat currencies cannot exist in a vacuum, and to complete any transaction you cannot do without the services of various third parties, be they banks, payment operators or other financial institutions that need funds to support their work.

At the same time, cryptocurrencies that ...

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The main ways to buy or sell cryptocurrency

Few people come to the world of crypto-economics just to admire its capabilities. As a rule, a person who is interested in cryptocurrencies suggests making money on them one way or another. For example, buy a couple of bitcoins, which still remain a good long-term investment, despite all the fluctuations in the exchange rate. Or mine a few coins and exchange them for fiat funds.

However, in the fi...

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How to protect your bitcoins from intruders in the Bitzlato service

Currently, there are many ways to steal your crypto assets – from hacker attacks to luring into financial pyramids. You can read more about what common fraudulent schemes you may encounter and how to deal with them here.

How to protect yourself when working in a P2P crypto platform Bitzlato:

  1. If you make an exchange using the Telegram bot, then the first line on the road to security will be settin...
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Proof of Work Consensus Algorithm: How It Works

The concept and principle of the Proof of Work algorithm

Various algorithms are used for cryptocurrency mining, however, one of the oldest and most common is Proof of Work (PoW, proof of work, proof of work) – it is based on Bitcoin. At the same time, the PoW algorithm performs several important functions for the existence of digital assets at once, some of which are not entirely obvious.

The conc...

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How to connect a payment gateway for payment with cryptocurrency

Today, many consumers already admit that they are starting to forget what “real” paper money looks like. Indeed, the mass distribution and implementation of information technology in our time allow us to pay for most of the goods and services in electronic form when you just enter your bank card number or use an account in one or another payment system.

Therefore, one of the most common paymen...

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How to protect yourself and your assets from the actions of crypto scammers

The history of the Internet knows many cases when personal data of people fell into the hands of fraudsters, which led to the theft of funds from bank cards and accounts. And although over the years, society has more or less mastered the basic rules of security, the new time has brought new risks – we are talking, of course, about cryptocurrencies.

Typical Crypto Fraud Schemes

Perhaps you think th...

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How cryptocurrency exchanges work and where to exchange bitcoin without commission

Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies have already become an integral part of the global financial system, their truly massive implementation in everyday life is not an instant process. At the same time, to maintain the relevance and value of digital assets, liquidity is needed, which is difficult to achieve in conditions of limited coverage...

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