Monolith and Tether stablecoins: what they are, how to use them and where to buy them

Monolith and Tether stablecoins: what they are, how to use them and where to buy them

Surely, you have already seen the “Concrete” button in our telegram bot. Let’s see what kind of function it is and how to use it, and at the end of the review, lifehacks on using this function will be waiting for you.

What is a stable coin?

Stablecoin (from the English stable coin) is the common name for cryptocurrencies that are tied to stocks of ordinary currencies, precious metals, oil, etc., whose rates are subject to less fluctuation than the rates of “ordinary” cryptocurrencies.

In practice, stablecoins are a digital alternative to fiat money. For example, Monolith maintains a 1: 1 exchange rate, which means that for 1 Monolith USD (USDM) you will receive 1 USD, and for 1 Monolith RUB (RUBM) you will receive 1 RUB.

And now the promised life hacks!

Be on the top!

You can also do all these actions on the Bitzlato exchange! To do this, through the bot’s interface, click “ link Web account ” and your accounts will merge. Wallets are available in the exchange interface, where you can see existing orders of other users and understand at what rate your application will be satisfied instantly and adjust the rate to be at the top when exchanging.

I have earned!

With the ” Concreting ” function, you can earn on changing the BTC rate. For example, you think that the Bitcoin rate will drop to $ 11,000 at the current rate of $ 13,000. You concreted 1 BTC at the current rate, and after it drops to $ 11K, you concreted: thus you have already received 1.18 BTC.

Yes, you can make money on concreting!

Wow, I earned it again!

You agreed with someone that in 3 days you will sell BTC for $ 1000. How can one benefit from this? Everything is very simple. After the agreement, you concrete $ 1000, spending about 0.077 BTC on this (at the rate of $ 13000 for 1 BTC ). Three days later, the rate fell to $ 11,000 and if you had not concreted, then you paid about 0.091 BTC, but since You took the opportunity, then earned about $ 153 – profit.

“Keep money in saved… stablecoins! “

If you are a professional trader and your main source of income is the margin on the exchange, then you just need to fix your balance in stablecoins, at the moment when you cannot devote time to the exchange. For example, when you are on vacation, or in any other case when you are not participating in the exchange, you can transfer your entire asset to stablecoin to protect the asset from cryptocurrency exchange rate fluctuations.

The cherry on the cake “Bitzlato”

You can sell or buy steyblkoiny USDT, USDM, RUBM official telegrams-bots in our web exchanger for fiatnuyu currency!

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