Marc Newson’s Lockheed Lounge Chair


This will help you justify spending one to two thousand dollars on the chaise lounge of your dreams. The Lockheed Lounge chair is reminiscent of an aerospace industry product. It’s a well-rounded, metal structure that looks fresh from all angles.

Marc Newson’s 1986 gift of ten pieces to the privileged few demonstrates the truth behind mass production and its effect on an item’s price. The stunning, yet solid chaise lounge was sold by Christies to a well-off admirer for $1.5 million.

Micarta Chair

Marc Newson, designer, gives life to straight lines by exploring the possibilities of creating functional chairs from one continuous line that is molded into an original shape.

Marc Newson’s Micarta Chair is an eye-catching accent piece that will add visual interest to your home or office. Its simple design is striking because of its unique inspiration. This pays tribute to Newson’s design talent and creativity.

His ability to transform one line of fabric into beautiful, functional furniture is both sophisticated and whimsical.

Marc Newson’s Micarta chair is sure to be a conversation starter. With a sloped seat that provides support and a flared backrest, the shapes and angles of the Micarta chair by Marc Newson are ergonomically designed for comfort and ease. To add depth and emphasise the geometric nature of this design, the rich, bold red color is striated with different shades in the same direction as its folded line.

The open design of the Micarta chair is lightweight and defies gravity. This makes it even more fun to relax on the floating seat and take in the view. Marc Newson’s Micarta Chair will challenge your perception of furniture design. The Micarta Chair’s unique shape will capture your imagination. It will inspire you to think outside the box.

Classic Felt Chair

You may have read my article about the Lockheed Lounge by Marc Newson. It was auctioned at Christies for $1.5 million. Marc’s other well-known creation, the Felt Chair by Cappellini (1989), has been reaffirmed as a timeless classic. It is available in a range of materials to make it a versatile seat.

Production covers chairs in leather, felt and fiberglass in a variety of colors, with one leg in polished aluminum. The modern patio chair is stylish and can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

A leather prototype was recently offered for sale in Paris at a cost of $870K. Newson expressed his frustration at the situation and explained that “the Felt Chair” is still being produced at a modest $3684 by UnicaHome.

He added, “I feel sorry for anyone that would pay that much to get a prototype, especially one that I have never authorized.”

Nimrod Chair

Marc Newson, designer, has a knack for making the ordinary extraordinary. He creates furniture that challenges the conventions. Each piece is a challenge to tradition, creating a completely new look. The Nimrod Chair is here.

The Nimrod Chair is an example of how basic lines can take on unexpected and new life in his collections. The sleek, futuristic chair has a molded base that is smooth and streamlined.

Marc Newson’s Nimrod Chair has a low profile design. It features two raised surfaces that anchor the backrest and seat cushions. Each cushion can be upholstered in any of your favorite fabric colors.

You can make a bold statement by choosing a different color for the Nimrod Chair’s base or a calm monochromatic scheme. Although this piece of furniture is simple in design, the options for color combinations are endless. You can add your own personal touch to this modern, minimalist piece.

Marc Newson’s minimalist designs are great for accenting any space, commercial or residential. The Nimrod adds color and style to any room, from waiting rooms to living rooms to offices.

Choose a color scheme that brings your room into the 21st Century. How can you make the Nimrod Chair part of your modern style?