infidel movie true story

infidel movie true story

Jim Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ, Person of Interest, Deja Vu) plays an American journalist/blogger who is kidnapped while attending a conference in the Middle East. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! As the trigger is pulled, he closes his eyes and there’s a … When Elizabeth has a chance to share her testimony with a house church in Iran, she walks out on God’s people without a word of hope, encouragement, or blessing. No one, and nothing else, seems to matter to her, and that is a tragedy. Hopefully, D’Souza will learn, and improve with future projects. Jim Caviezel plays an American journalist, Doug Rawlins, an internationally known Blogger, who is kidnapped while attending a conference on peaceful religious co-existence in Cairo, Egypt. Christine Douglass-Williams It is a fictional narrative based on true events. Jim Caviezel’s ‘Infidel’ is an honest look at dying for one’s faith September 24, 2020 Inspired by a true story, the new movie Infidel begins in Iran, with a man on the brink of being executed. “INFIDEL tells a story ripped from the headlines. He is given a death sentence, based on the trumped-up charge that he's a spy for the CIA. The definitive site for Reviews, Trailers, Showtimes, and Tickets Elizabeth is not supportive of her husband’s evangelistic efforts to bring the message of Jesus Christ to the world. This movie has the opportunity to be seen by the masses and deliver an important message. Content copyright Jihad Watch, Jihad Watch claims no credit for any images posted on this site unless otherwise noted. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The story line promotes the Christian underground church inside Iran, led primarily by women. And Infidel looks like a great movie. “INFIDEL is inspired by a number of different true stories … Bob Levinson, that’s one of them. Nowrasteh tells a compelling story and tells it well. Box 55089, Sherman Oaks, CA 91499-1964. Then in 2008, his film called The Stoning of Soraya M. was condemned by the Iranian government as propaganda, yet eventually led to a ban on stoning as a form of punishment in Iran. ( Log Out /  “Infidel” isn’t politically correct in the slightest — another opening for … Her anger and defiance remain throughout the movie. The Internet is liberating more and more people from the supernatural dogmas of the past – simply because they are being exposed to more information and a wider diversity of opinion , whereas in the past they were largely hidden and controlled by the priestly class. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. 'Infidel,' about an American kidnapped and tried for espionage in Iran, is the first non-documentary feature from Dinesh D'Souza's production company. You will receive a daily mailing containing links to the stories posted at Jihad Watch in the last 24 hours. He became known as Jihadi John. Thus without the cultural left, 9/11 would not have happened. Infidel is an action adventure set in the Middle East, based on a true story. I am saying that the cultural left and its allies in Congress, the media, Hollywood, the nonprofit sector, and the universities are the primary cause of the volcano of anger toward America that is erupting from the Islamic world. Dinesh D’Souza Video: ‘Infidel’ Tells The Truth About Iran! Christians are relatively new to making quality faith-based films, so some latitude must be given. Yet as Dinesh D’Souza argues in this powerful and timely polemic, there really is a war against Islam. Bangladesh: Nine jihadis surrender, join government deradicalization program that gives them cash and other perks, Afghanistan: Oxfam report worries that peace talks will ‘jeopardize fragile gains made for women’s rights’, Greece: Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens says Islam is not a religion but a political party, James Comey likens Trump to al-Qaeda, says he has ‘radicalized’ terrorists through ‘lies’, NBC’s Mehdi Hasan claims ‘far right domestic terror threat is more dangerous than even Al Qaeda after 9/11’. The Muslims who carried out the 9/11 attacks were the product of this visceral rage—some of it based on legitimate concerns, some of it based on wrongful prejudice, but all of it fueled and encouraged by the cultural left. Hugh Fitzgerald Conservative viewers have had enough of movies and TV series that denigrate, ridicule, and demonize their faith and values. Muslims and other traditional people around the world allege that secular American values are being imposed on their societies and that these values undermine religious belief, weaken the traditional family, and corrupt the innocence of children. And this is not just sick–it is also completely wrong-headed. It has been a general tendency for decades, that as people become better educated they also become less religious – and that process has escalated in the information age. Many of the stereo typical elements of being politically correct are present. D’SOUZA DID A GREAT JOB!! Robert Spencer in PJ Media, Articles at Jihad Watch by The fact is that Islam targets *all* Infidels, not just the ones that D’Souza doesn’t personally like. Peter, this story was covered in September here,

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