How to protect your bitcoins from intruders in the Bitzlato service

How to protect your bitcoins from intruders in the Bitzlato service

Currently, there are many ways to steal your crypto assets – from hacker attacks to luring into financial pyramids. You can read more about what common fraudulent schemes you may encounter and how to deal with them here.

How to protect yourself when working in a P2P crypto platform Bitzlato:

  1. If you make an exchange using the Telegram bot, then the first line on the road to security will be setting a high-quality and complex password for your account. To enable two-factor authorization, go to the Telegram settings and select “Privacy and Security” → “Two-step authorization” → “Set an additional password.” Choose a strong password, one that you can playback and don’t forget – the application will request it every time you log in from a new device in addition to the SMS code.


If you doubt the ability to remember a password, do not write it down on a piece of paper or hang it on a computer monitor. Instead, provide a valid backup email address when setting up two-factor authentication. Do not forget to confirm the email address – a confirmation link will be sent to your mail.

By the way, in the “Privacy and Security” section of Telegram, you can also see all active sessions of your application in the corresponding section and manually close all suspicious activities.

  1. If you are a supporter of enhanced security measures, then create a separate account for the exchange, keep the phone number to which it is attached secret, do not use it for other wallets (QIWI or Yandex.Money) and be sure to follow the list of contacts – all interesting people it’s better to leave it for a personal account and not add anyone other than those you know personally.


If you find signs of hacking your account, it is extremely important to act quickly! End all active sessions on all devices except the main phone as soon as possible, link the account to another number and change the password.

  1. Be sure to go through verification when registering an account in Telegram, from which you intend to work with the bot.

In the absence of verification, it will not be possible to restore the account (and with it your data in the bot) in case of hacking, since the real owner of the account is unknown. If the verification was successfully completed, then the account can be unlocked while maintaining the rating and reviews.

  1. Use your account for trading and only for trading – do not spam, do not conduct active correspondence, do not enter into chat discussions and so on. Just 2-3 complaints from other Telegram users are enough for your account to be placed in the ban list of the messenger.
  2. Be careful: read everything that the bot writes to you, observe the terms of bidding and check who you receive messages from. Known fraudulent scheme: send details through the bot without confirming the opening of the transaction. If you are not careful enough, you will send your funds to scammers, and in return, most likely, you will not receive anything. Just because the transaction was not carried out through the bot, which means it was carried out without any guarantees.
  3. Before accepting a deal, check the deal rate with the exchange rate (you can set the desired exchange rate display in the bot settings). If you messed up the course, alas, this will not be enough reason to return your money to you.
  4. Be sure to check the receipt of funds directly – through online banks or applications. Do not believe PUSH notifications or short numbers. Close the deal and release coins only after you are 100% sure that you have received the funds.
  5. If they write to you in private messages or in a bot that the money has been sent/goes/arrived, they start sending you screenshots, threats, requests, and so on, and you see that the funds have not been received, in no case do not let go of coins! Do not succumb to provocations and better be safe. To resolve difficult situations, open disputes.
  6. Do not conduct transactions bypassing the bot, since it is he who acts as a guarantor. Even if you have previously traded with this person, you still conduct transactions through the bot. Alas, the situation with account theft is not uncommon. Can you be 100% sure that now a familiar person is sitting on the other end, not a fraudster?
  7. All conversations during the transaction lead through the bot, even if they wrote to you in the LAN – transfer the dialogs to the bot. The reasons for this are simple: when considering disputes by the administration of the service, correspondence outside the bot is not accepted as evidence (including screenshots and so on). For honest users of the exchanger, communication inside the bot is a normal and natural procedure. If we are not talking about any violations, then there is simply no reason to switch to discussing the transaction in private messages.
  8. Remember that it’s normal to request a photo of a card against the background of correspondence in a bot, just do not forget that the photo should hide the name indicated on the card. Do not provide complete data, even if the other party insists on it. To complete a transaction in the service, full data is optional, while in some online stores fraudsters can spend your money if they learn your card details. Please under no circumstances photograph the back of the card where your security code is written.
  9. Be careful – scammers create fakes of exchange bots and support bots. Fraudulent accounts can be difficult to distinguish from real ones – they are carefully masked, up to the creation of a similar name. Compare: I (large i) and l (small L), or 0 (zero) and O (large o). Use only a real bot! Before making any operations, make sure that the bot login is correct: a list of all official bots and services can be found on our website. You can also clarify whether any service is really related to Bitzlato by writing directly to tech support. We never ask for your passwords or other personal information. If you meet any other bots, channels, chats, accounts that write to you and impersonate Bitzlato services or employees, then most likely you are dealing with scammers. Please report them on the forum – together we will make the crypto community more honest!

What if you become a victim of cyber fraud?

If you become a victim of fraudsters in the Bitzlato service bot, then report this to the crypto platform support service. To contact technical support, open the bot, click on the “About Service” button and select “Support”. You can also contact directly by writing the bot.

Please note: if the operations were carried out through a fake channel, technical support will not even have a theoretical opportunity to return your funds. At the same time, your appeal will help block fraudulent accounts and protect other users from further thefts.

In any case, following the basic safety principles described above will be the best tactic. And remember: it is impossible to achieve absolute safety even if all conditions are met. The best protection against fraud is attention to detail. Check suspicious links and securely protect your personal data – this will significantly reduce the risk of being cheated.

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