Furniture Designers as Fashion Designers


Furniture manufacturing is a $30 billion dollar global industry. This market is one where every person would love to own a piece of furniture, particularly fashion designers. Famous brands are already well-known for their clothing and perfumes. It is easy for them to get into the furniture market. They often become a success in contemporary furniture and luxury furniture design. There are many people who have enough money to buy furniture from the best fashion designers.

This type of customer is more interested in the style than the price. This type of consumer wants to ensure their space is unique from others. A talented interior designer can help in many ways, but nothing speaks exclusivity quite like brand-named fashionable furnishings by their favorite fashion designers.

Fashion designers are well-known and have a large following. They are also known for their clothing and perfumes. This makes it relatively simple for them to enter the furniture market. It is easy for top brands to bring new furniture to market or create a buzz for old, fashionable furniture.

Fendi and Roberto Cavalli are just a few of the well-known fashion designers we’d like to include in this article. They are a new entrant on the accessories and furnishings market, and share an aesthetic sensibility with their sister labels. Versace Bubble Sofa. The Versace Bubble Sofa was 18,000 in 2010 at its initial price. What is the 2019 price?

China Fashion Design Bamboo Venner L Shape Desk Modern
China Fashion Design Bamboo Venner L Shape Desk Modern

The Jazz by Armani Casa is a striking piece of contemporary art and design. This cabinet features doors made from mixed veneers. They are combined in a unique way to create a cool and attractive effect.

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Calvin Klein Bed

Calvin Klein furniture has clean lines and sleek lines, just like his fashion line. His furniture pieces are elegant, simple and sleek, making them suitable for those who don’t want to have too many accessories. Calvin Klein furniture is also a fashion item.

Louis Vuitton Beauty

Louis Vuitton was founded in 1800s as a luggage maker. It wasn’t until 1997 when the brand entered the fashion industry, where it became a huge success. The company first entered the furniture market in 2012. The company’s designs appeal to a high-end and sophisticated market. They are often very expensive and have a unique contemporary design.

studio lugo design store patchwork
studio lugo design store patchwork

Diesel Kitchen Design

Diesel is a fashion brand. You might expect to hear about Diesel jeans, sunglasses, or perfumes. It would have never occurred to you that they designed kitchen furniture and accessories. Diesel Social Kitchen was all about simple silhouettes, with a special focus on warm and textured materials.

These famous designs will not be described in just a few words. Take a look at the photos below, which include the Galileo Table by Fendi and the Loewe furniture collection as well as the Paul Smith chairs and Ralph Lauren desk. The Versace sideboard is also included.

Armani Casa Furniture

Armani Casa contemporary furniture should be kept in plain sight. However, if you need to break up the space they offer Wonderful Room Dividers which will do justice to the spaces you are dividing. These room dividers are an excellent complement to Armani Casa’s contemporary furniture collection.

Kids Clothing Shop Furniture Interior Decoration Retail
Kids Clothing Shop Furniture Interior Decoration Retail

The Tudor screen is an eye-catching, sophisticated screen made of three panels of wood and decorated with gold leaf. It features geometric openwork and is covered with gold leaf. The Tudor allows you to differentiate between different areas while still keeping an open appearance. 60x135Hm Second, we have the Winchester 1 Screen. It has two, three, or six panels.

Winchester can be ordered in pickled brown oak, pickled light oak, or covered with silver spatula-applied stacco. Winchester 2 is a half-height version that doesn’t block view from adjacent areas.

The Radetzcky is the third room divider. It is a black lacquer panel screening with ecru or brass color fabric. Radetzcky consists of three units measuring 60x4x180H cm.

Osaka Canopy Mattress

Expect stunning designs when Armani Casa is involved. Armani Casa is a great choice for those who appreciate fine home furnishings and have high standards of taste.

Although the beds are completely different, they have a common “zen” quality that adds a clean and modern touch to modern architecture. For a distinct Asian theme, the Osaka four-post bed comes with an upholstered headboard and frame in brown oak, grey oak or sucupira.

You can disassemble the upholstered headboard and remove all covers. It is available in leather, or in a variety of fabrics from the collection. For a change in pace, the canopy can be taken down in its entirety.

The Osaka canopy bed comes in King or California King sizes, while the Omega platform bed can be purchased in King, California King, or Queen sizes. The entire Armani Casa collection must be seen. It is expensive! !