Cryptocurrency Dash: coin overview, where to buy, where to sell, dash rate 2

Cryptocurrency Dash: coin overview, where to buy, where to sell, dash rate 2

Dash cryptocurrency storage option

By cryptocurrency storage options, we will mean key storage options, without which it is impossible to conduct any financial transaction. The official dash website offers several options for storing keys: a dash wallet on a PC, a mobile application, online (in fact, most services will offer you to download a mobile application), on the stock exchange, hardware wallet or paper.

  1. Dash core

For storage on a PC, you need to download the application from the official Dash website, select the necessary operating system and install it on a PC.

  1. Mobile app

You need to go to, select your operating system and the necessary wallet, after which automatic forwarding will be sent to the necessary store (App Store or Google Play) on the application download page.

  1. Stock exchange

To keep funds on the exchange, a person must register and replenish the balance. This method is reliable, but there is always a risk of bankruptcy of the exchange.

  1. Hardware wallet

To be able to store keys on a hardware wallet on, there is a special section called “hardware”. After purchase, you need to synchronize it with a PC and enter a PIN code.

  1. Paper carrier

To obtain a paper key, go to and generate it. This is currently the most reliable key protection option. After generating the codes, it is advisable to print them in several copies and store them in place without exposing them to undesirable external effects on the paper.

Android DASH Wallets

For Android, DASH recommends the wallets shown in the image.

Dash core

On the dash website, you will be offered several options for wallets and each has its own nuances.

Keep in mind that a full-featured DASH wallet takes up more than 11GB of disk space.

Advantages and disadvantages of Dash


The strong point is the introduction of master nodes. This makes Attack 51 impossible and further decentralizes the network.

PrivateSend and InstantSend are technologies that greatly simplify the cryptocurrency turnover for users.


But besides the strengths of master nodes, there is also its reverse side: inaccessibility to a wide range of users. A masternode is not only a reliable technology but also a certain danger: if the cryptocurrency rate starts to grow rapidly, some masternode users may want to “merge” their asset (each masternode is at least 1000 dash coins) and thereby collapse the Desh rate “Below the plinth.”

Anonymity is not only a big plus for users but also a big minus for “society”. Through anonymous transactions, drug trafficking and other crimes are possible.

Dash Forecast for 2019

At the moment, the dash is in its “rightful” place and does not seek to break records or anti-records. Forecasts for dash are different: some make plans until 2022 and predict a fall in prices to $ 20, while others predict a great future for him. It is impossible to say unequivocally what awaits us next year, but most likely in 2019, it will be “smooth and calm”, sometimes deviating by insignificant amounts.

Platform Prospects

Cryptocurrency has been developing since 2012 and since then everything that it does is growing. She has no problems with scalability and already has a claim about paying offline payments in DASH. Developing an alternative to bitcoin, the developers created exactly the alternative that people needed. Desh has an excellent development team, a large number of investors and a roadmap for three years, and a hard fork dish is impossible in practice, which gives “confidence in the future.”

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