Creative Lego Inspired Home Furnishings


As a child, I spent hours building Lego buildings, robots and automobiles with Lego bricks. Although I did not end up becoming an architect, my parents instilled a love of design in me. It seems that I’m not the only one who loves Legos. There have been many other designers who pay homage to their favorite building blocks. We decided to compile our top Lego Inspired Home Furnishings.

What happens when Legos become Victorian? The result is the amazing and almost Gothic Lego Chandelier! This light fixture was designed by John Harrington and reminds me of Castlevania in a strange way!

Flatshare Fridges were inspired by Legos, and it doesn’t take genius to see that! Stefan Buchberger designed the fridge, which has separate compartments to store all your favorite foods.

The Leucos Stacking lamp is neither geeky nor childish. This lamp is made up of blown glass cylinders that have been assembled in four sizes and colors.

We love the Lego Sofa. It looks like something out of Legoland. It can be assembled in any way you like and you can also buy the bricks/blocks online.

The Bachus Wine Rack may be a bit too appealing for some wine connoisseurs, but it is so tempting that we couldn’t resist. The stackable wine rack was designed by Marcel Wanders. It is both functional and quirky.

Never in my life did I imagine that I would see a product that draws inspiration from Legos and the Rococo furniture style. That is the beauty of A&D! Staffan Holm’s and Johannes Tjernberg have made the CEO Desk from MDF and beech.

Bekky, another Lego-inspired sofa, will take you back to colorful Legoland. The on-board rubberized foam pieces are available for $466 and can be customized to suit your mood and living space.

The “Brick Bright” lamps are not like other Lego-inspired furniture pieces. They don’t use crazy colors. This lamp was designed by grown-ups for grown-ups. OutofStock is the designer of this lamp.

A Lego conference table such as the “Boys and Girls”, which is available at your office, can make brainstorming sessions more enjoyable. It consists of 22742 pieces that were assembled using traditional Lego construction techniques (noglue). A 136mm grommet can be found in the center.

This bathroom space is a retro Legomania. Playa d’Eau, a French brand Delphi’s bathroom space, looks straight out of the 1980s. It takes design cues directly from the Rubik cube and legos.

“Brick for Scirocco” is more like an art piece than a radiator heating device. Marco Baxadonne designed the radiator. It is made up of modular elements that can be assembled to meet the buyer’s needs.

Brick Tower Mood Light, designed in Lego, allows you to tap into your creative genius and can be deconstructed or rebuilt whenever you like. Brando has this one for only $35

Lego is back! The Lego kitchen is a masterpiece! Philippe Rossetti and Simon Pillard, the designers of this Lego kitchen island, combined more than 20,000 Lego pieces!

These were just a few of the many Lego-inspired furniture pieces that caught our attention. Let us know if you have any other Lego-inspired furniture pieces that should be in the Lego Hall Of Fame!