Best Paint Colours Will Inspire You to Update Your Family Room


The family room, or den, is a comfortable and welcoming space in the home where everyone can gather. The family room may be used more frequently than the living room in some homes. The wall colors can be warm and inviting with orange or olive hues or breezy and calm with blues. Or neutral. Behr is a well-known paint brand that is sold exclusively by Home Depot.

Consider how the space will be used and the time it will be used. Choose a color that is best suited for use with lamps and light fixtures if the family room will be used mostly in the evening. Bolder colors look better in artificial lighting than muted ones. Lighter colors will appear more subdued. To give your family room more visual variety, you might consider an accent wall. You can always refer to the color wheel to get ideas for accents.

  • Color family: Variables. You can be neutral, breezy with lighter colors or bold with brighter shades like deep blue or orange.
  • Complementary Colours: It varies; neutrals can go with almost anything; blues work well with gold and orange shades
  • These colors go well with: White, cream, and wooden trims work well.
  • The mood you choose will depend on the color. Darker tones can create drama, while lighter colors can bring calm and brightness to the space.
  • What to use: Interior rooms, family and den, living room, accent wall, living room.

These are the top Behr paint colors for dens and family rooms.

Aged Beige

If you are looking for a traditional or formal style, a family room is a good choice. If your family room doubles up as a living area, a neutral such as Behr Aged Beige would be a great choice. You have the freedom to add color accents and furniture as your family grows.

Bermuda Grass

Behr Bermuda Grass is a green that can create a cozy atmosphere in a cabin- or lodge-style family room. Bermuda Grass is a warm green that highlights stonework and other natural elements. For a serene space, combine deep green colors with grays, cream whites, and dark brown. This olive green color is the perfect backdrop to deep leather furniture and heavy wooden accent tables.

Rumba Orange

A warm color such as Behr Rumba Orange is a great choice if you want something bolder in your family room. A family room can look great in a bright orange. It is important to choose a muted color such as orange or red. Oranges and other striking colors are more vivid when they cover the walls. Before you start sampling, tone down your selection.

If you are considering bold wall colors, it is a good idea to get a sample of paint or a large-scale stick-on swatch. You can then test it in your home before purchasing it. Stick-on swatches offer more versatility, can be used on any wall, and are easy to remove.

Stone Creek

Behr Stone Creek, a rich greige, is the ideal choice for casual family rooms. This neutral hue can be used with any warm or cool color in your room. Stone Creek is a neutral that’s easy to use and blends well with any decor. While you may need to add or remove color accents after you have repainted, most colors work well with a basic greige color such as this one.

Dark Navy

Behr Dark Navy is a great family room paint color if you have the right space. With white trim and molding, dark navy blue looks amazing. Black and white accents give a room a crisp, clean look. Behr’s Dark Navy can be paired with a variety of metal finishes. However, keep them brushed or muted to avoid clashing with the rich wall color.

Offshore mist

Behr Offshore Mist is the perfect choice for a beach-inspired family space. Offshore Mist is a relaxing blue with a hint gray undertone. For a relaxing and calm family room, a muted or green color is a great choice. For a complete beach vacation look, pair Offshore Mist and weathered gray wood accents with burnished metal fixtures.

Red Pepper

Red Pepper by Behr radiates warmth. This bold, dark shade blends well with creams and whites as well as pink blush shades. This color can be used in your living or family room to make a statement and feel sophisticated, inviting, and elegant. This color looks great with natural wood flooring, bohemian chic styles, and soft metal accents such as gold or bronze.

Urban Nature

Urban Nature is a bright, refreshing green that brings nature’s brightness indoors. This color is a green-infused gray that feels like fresh air blowing through your family room. Although this hue is cool, it still has warm red tones. This color can be paired with white, maroon, natural trim, or white for a fresh look in your space.


Behr’s Kindling is the right color for you if you are ready to be bold in your family room. This taupe color has a reddish undertone that gives it warmth and makes the room feel warm and inviting.

Final Straw

This neutral warm color looks like buttercream. It has red and green undertones which give it a cozy feel. The gentle yellow tones are a nice complement to bright white without making the space seem overwhelming. This color looks great with muted sage, cornflower and teal.