Beam private tokens: what are these coins and why are they needed

On January 3, 2019, Israeli startup Beam launched the main network of the project of the same name – a new cryptocurrency based on the Bitcoin blockchain aimed at ensuring user privacy. The release date was not chosen by chance: it was on this day 10 years ago that the genesis block of bitcoin was created.

Beam tokens use the version of the MimbleWimble protocol, first introduced in 2016...

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Monero cryptocurrency: review, Monero course, where to buy, where to sell

What is Monero?

ByteCoin developers proved to be not the smartest people, having distributed 80% of the bitcoin coins and there was nothing to mine, then the geniuses came up with a re-issue of the coin from scratch: April 14, 2014, the ByteCoin coin forked, which produced the Monero or XMR token.

Monero is on the 14th place at the top of cryptocurrencies and is the most popular anonymous coin wit...

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Monero cryptocurrency: review, Monero course, where to buy, where to sell Part 2

Mining coins

CryptoNote, a protocol that ensures network anonymity, uses the CryptoNight mining algorithm to prove the work done. There are two ways to mine coins: on the processor and video card. Of the two options, only the video card is profitable, so there are not so many options.

How about mining on ASIC? The developers of the token against mining on ASICs and as soon as they find a way to st...

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How cryptocurrency exchanges work and where to exchange bitcoin without commission

Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies have already become an integral part of the global financial system, their truly massive implementation in everyday life is not an instant process. At the same time, to maintain the relevance and value of digital assets, liquidity is needed, which is difficult to achieve in conditions of limited coverage...

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