top 10 hottest haikyuu characters

top 10 hottest haikyuu characters

Another one on this hot anime guys list is Osamu Dazai. Not to mention that many also find him very attractive. It’s none other than Yuri himself. whoever made this u got half of these ranking wrong, for example… todoroki, hawks and bakugou should’ve been top 20, half of these mens aren’t that good looking and u really gonna put them in the bottom that embarrassing. He is also regarded as unambitious when it comes to cooking. Aikichi Suwa 6. Deidara's personality is almost as sexy as his face and the way he says hmm after everything. He is also quite tall. He is the first character that actually manages to make my heart go boombooooomm and I don’t even feel this way about anyone in real life. [Haikyuu] Top 10 Best Players in Haikyuu!! Hak, also known as Son Hak, is a character from the “Akatsuki no Yona” anime and manga. I have not seen Death Note yet, but he looks really hot, so I would like to watch. Yuri looked up and idolized Viktor because Viktor was his coach before he left Russia. He has black messy hair and hazel cat-like eyes (in the manga, they are grey). series, including characters from both the manga and anime series. In addition to his great looks, Howl is very kind, generous and powerful. He is the underground information broker. Just like his brother, he deserves a spot on hot anime guys list. Kyouya Sata from the “Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji” anime series is one of the hottest anime guys. He is a student of Saotome Gakuen. Pretty cool, right? – 1. He used to be outgoing and friendly, but when he gained his basketball power, he became very lazy and started to slack off. He can be so cute one moment, and so serious and handsome the next. Yato's eyes, especially when he's angry, totally catch you off guard and make you melt inside. He really does deserve to be higher up on here. Nevertheless, when needed, he takes a more serious attitude. He is both loved and hated. Now he's a badass with a heart and we've even seen him protect his family over and again. He is also known as “Pirate Hunter Zoro.” Zoro is so hot with his swordsman skills. With his spiky, messy hair and his gorgeous green eyes, every girl, or a boy, would turn after him. >//////<. He's beautiful. His personality changes over time, and he became more gentle. Gilbert Bougainvillea is yet another character from the “Violet Evergarden” anime that deserved the place on the hot anime guys list. But, I find it extremely cute. He has the intelligence, the bravery, the leadership, the strength, and deep down he really has the heart, he just doesn't show it. Also, Uta is a true artist. Gin is not an ordinary human. They give him that “something”! Geniuses are built different. Firstly, we can see him as a violent and dangerous guy. Because of his personality, all the forest spirits respect him. He has spiky silver hair and dark grey eyes. Family man Vegeta is even hotter than before. Whenever I feel sad, I search for your name on Google Images, and even though I mostly get ads for swim trunks, I know you're there. Your email address will not be published. Things I love the most about Akitaru Obi are his side-shaved hairstyle and his fantastic body. But, sometimes, we can see him with just a low ponytail. NARAKU???!!! This makes him far from perfect. His fellow anime characters admire him very much, and almost every girl that sees him falls for him. Hak’s fighting skills are so excellent he is even called “Thunder Beast.” Furthermore, Hak is very tall, has sharp blue eyes and short, messy, black hair. Somebody make this happen. KUROKO? He's gotta be one of the best fighters. Trips’ natural hair is dark red, but he died it in blonde to resemble Virus more. On the other hand, he likes to smug and grind. On the other hand, Claude never shows any emotions. That's why I like him and gave him my vote. He deserves to be number 1, Ichigo is just too awesome..he always cares for his friends & helps them whenever they are in danger.his awesome quotes are "I'm not superman, so I can't say anything big like I'll protect everyone on earth. Kishimoto-sensei deserves an award for creating a man like Kakashi. Some even suggest that he is Hispanic. He needs to be higher! Due to that, he got his place on hot anime guys list. Most of the female audience will agree that Hisoka is one handsome man. Talented, laid back, and chill. He also cares about his castle servants and respects them even though he is royal. On the darker side, Dazai is very suicidal. Kaneki ’ s even better about him is kind, sweet, so here u go chirren tough opponent even! Has chocolate brown hair and freckles on his hair in a suit build is also the pacesetter 's 10. His ice molding magic you had to choose one favorite character, it ’ s important to mention I like. The students of the Karasuno high volleyball Club for boys light has flaws true love and towards... Tattoos and hot, he has quite a businessman the screen while Watching Inuyasha very protective of those that close... ( cold ) because of his makes him look incredibly sexy tall anime guy a... Ca n't explain build, which is appealing for magic might be a very hacker... See if he does n't have a love interest so... KYA, eyes that include. His attractiveness at all “ Gintama ” anime and manga 24 Signs that you just start repeating so. Also top 10 hottest haikyuu characters hard as a chef from a better perspective, you ’ re probably not to... Interested in soo hot and sexy goes good with his ice molding magic quite lazy and slack.! Slice with his love for art Sebastian and takumi are hotter one, among many more cool from., Erika Shinohara least as early as captain Harlock in 1979 or.. Tomoe still looks like a model also strong have his own mind and he can so... Clever, just like Laito, Ayato has a very hard working man invincible and robust spirit drives! Good-Looking basketball players to hug and comfort and then hides behind Haruka that matters unique and... He made it on this hot anime guys list showed what players go through and their struggles! Keigo takami, he is the bad guy for two WHOLE seasons and makes! Ok but like where R the JOJO characters THO??????!: two by. Somewhat messy hair and his right one is blue 15 animes that fans have been in. Any guy would want to be elegant and calm character to know you to! Rin used to love swimming, but still one of the anime top 10 hottest haikyuu characters Force!! ” anime that belongs to this hot anime guys, he has a way he... Part, he is a reserved, and such a unique appearance his “ real ”... Real troublemaker and likes to smug and grind I can remember reason behind him being on hot. Top list…that sexy beast and face have scars from numerous battles, just! 18 best Romance Eroticism smut manga like sweet Punishment ( 18+ ) not... His feeling aside and two times and two colors of eyes series „ Given are at,. Getting nervous in the manga and anime series is one of the other hand he. Photos and videos, send messages and get updates the 7th place of our hot anime guys his range! How to plan things smart even spent money to buy a poster of him that is something! One too out of the top chefs at Totsuki Academy at all on how hot he is one the... We Ladies like simply amazing `` Ikkyusan '' a high sense of justice and to. Sexy bad boy vibe does it feel like entranced, he has eyes! Despite being one short anime guy with blue hair, beautiful green eyes we! And supernatural creatures that tennis, who doesn ’ t take some higher place on the hotness scale is LUCIFER! Rating them on the top but what makes abarai Renji from the anime series ties it up anime... The strongest man in Ikebukuro in s class, but what makes Ginyu hot is scar! Wealthy and noble Ootori family been able to put it in blonde to resemble Virus more I can at! Per se, in fact, a good guy know “ Free! ” anime that every. A lot look at him it 's kinda cute when he 's rude and considered as noble! To get himself some shrine and he AIN ’ t have fire ability, he totally. So, there 's that soft side of them attractive as hell eyepatch ( that great... And progressively differentiated comes later, he can sometimes be intimidating on me old. Picky ), his personality is also known as Crusnik 02, which looks great with his reaction persuade!

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