20+ Creative Ideas for Room Dividers


Multi-purpose became more popular as open-plan living spaces became more attractive. With so many people doing everything at home, it is more important than ever to designate areas for different activities or create privacy.

Room dividers are a stylish and easy way to make your home more adaptable. You can also customize your partitioning preferences to suit your lifestyle and needs. Continue reading to discover 23 great ways to divide and conquer!

Ideas for room dividers that are both open-and-closed

These room dividers can be used to quickly and easily transition between opening up and closing off a space.

Inspiring Wall Partition Ideas Of Creative For Room
Inspiring Wall Partition Ideas Of Creative For Room

Folding Screen

Folding screens have been a hallmark of Asian design for centuries. They are lightweight and attractive, and they are a classic example of Asian design. These room dividers can be hinged together by three, four or more panels. They may be transparent (known as shoji) or opaque (fusuma in Japanese). For about $100, you can get a basic shoji screen with four panels.

Very Creative Ideas For Room Dividers
Very Creative Ideas For Room Dividers

DIY Folding Screen

You can make a folding screen from your favorite fabric by attaching it to panel frames. Tip: Mount hinges on opposite sides when attaching panels so that the screen folds up. For more information, see this blogger’s supply guide.

Room Dvders Creatve Deas HAJAR FRESH Modern Room
Room Dvders Creatve Deas HAJAR FRESH Modern Room


Curtains are a great way to instant partition your space. Hang a rod from your ceiling. Attach drapery panels using rings or hooks. For drama, use velvet or go gauzy to create a lighter feel. For privacy and spaciousness, pull it closed. This is ideal for dividing a bedroom in a studio apartment, or mother-in law suite.

Room Divider Ideas
Room Divider Ideas

Barn door

For less than $200, you can get a barn door if a curtain feels too fragile. You can also build your own using the guidance of Mark Powers from This Old House.

Creativeness of Room Divider Ideas
Creativeness of Room Divider Ideas

Simple sliding door

Make a simple sliding door by using 2x2s. Then glue or nail on Masonite sheets. Add wheels to the bottom, hinged loops to top and wheels to the top. Hang it from a plumbing pipe attached to the wall.

Affixing to an overhead track, accordion doors are often used in professional or commercial settings such as meeting rooms. They do not require a floor track to prevent tripping hazards. These doors are typically made from vinyl, laminates or wood and aluminum.

Wood Divider Screen

Creative DIY Room Dividers Best Room Divider Ideas
Creative DIY Room Dividers Best Room Divider Ideas

You can buy wood divider screens starting at $200. However, you can make one yourself with three sheets 16”x64” plywood and a dozen 3/4’x2” lumber for the frame. Half of the pieces are 16 inches in length and the remainder are 6 feet long.

Attach the plywood boards to the frame (painted in the desired shade) and then hinge it together. Tip: Quality hinges are more stable and look better, so make sure you don’t cut corners! For more information, click here.

Get Creative Interior Design Ideas For Room Dividers At
Get Creative Interior Design Ideas For Room Dividers At

Storage Room Divider Ideas

A partition with storage space will benefit some spaces, such as a bedroom shared by children or a home office. These are just a few of the many options.

Creative Ideas Room Dividers Studio Apartment Cute Homes
Creative Ideas Room Dividers Studio Apartment Cute Homes


A bookcase that is placed perpendicularly to a wall, rather than flush against it, can be used as a room divider. For safety, attach metal L brackets to the bookcase’s top and attach a wall stud to it. Then drive a few screws into the side of your unit into the stud. Anchor the bottom to prevent tipping.

Super Creatve Room Dvder Deas For Garage You39ll Love
Super Creatve Room Dvder Deas For Garage You39ll Love

Locking wheels for bookcase

Locking wheels on a bookcase give you maximum flexibility, especially for larger spaces such as a basement or loft. Roll it and lock the area you wish to seperate. Then, move it to another location tomorrow.

Bookcases that are tall and wide

The more privacy you have, the bigger the bookcase. To create storage space on the opposite side of the divided space, place a tall and wide pair back to back.


Cubbies, also known as. Cubbies (also known as cube storage) can be used to draw a line on the floor and keep it open above. A reviewer purchased two of these eight cube organizers, one horizontally to store toys and the other vertically to display their items.

Do you prefer to make your own cubbies. Kevin O’Connor from This Old House shows you how to make cubbies using simple square cuts, basic assembly and finishing.


A headboard with shelves on either side can be used to define a sleeping area and provide storage.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is a way to physically divide a space, while still allowing light in and offering a lot of flexibility. You may be able, depending on the shelf size, to mount a flat-screen TV on a swiveling platform.

Columned Room Divider

To direct traffic to a specific area, make a columned room divide for your home’s entryway. This attractive piece requires some mitering skills. Our tutorial walks you through the entire process step-by-step.

The Best Room Dividers To Let In Light

A floor-to-ceiling partition is required for certain spaces, such as a meditation or exercise area.


Tie one on! Make a hanging room partition with macrame. This is the art of knotting ropes to make textiles. This blog will show you how to use 700 feet of cotton rope.

Linen Fabric

A piece of sheer linen fabric can be suspended to achieve elegance and simplicity in one easy step. You can choose a neutral that is barely noticeable to match any decor, or a bolder shade like this red to make a bigger statement.

Attach a rod to each end of the rod to attach the divider to the ceiling. The rod will be used to support the divider and to give it a little more weight so that it doesn’t sway in the breeze.

Wooden Slats

Slats are the way to go! You can make a slatted partition from a stack of wood boards that you have in your workshop. This is simply a row of boards with gaps every few feet. Although straight, high-quality lumber is strong, imperfections are part of the partition’s charm. Tip: Spread gaps caused by bent or warped lumber farther apart to make them less apparent.

Wooden Blocks

Your place will stand out by the building blocks of style, literally and metaphorically. To create a partition that separated a den and dining room, this designer used beech rectangles and chunky squares. It’s warm and organic and yet chic and solid.

Best Room Dividers For Salvagers And Upcyclers

These space-sculpting projects are great for those who like to recycle old objects and yard-sale items.

A folding screen made from doors or shutters

You can make a folding screen from discarded shutters or doors. Depending on your decor, stain, paint or leave in an as-found state, you can then attach hinges to join the panels.

Tree branches

A room divider made from fallen tree branches can bring the outdoors inside. For a fairytale forest look, add branches to the base (birch is a good choice).

Old window frames

As light-allowing room dividers, old window frames can be given a new lease of life. They can be hung from the ceiling or hinged together to create a screen.