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Positive experience through music and arts

Disability Rocks is a community interest company set up in January 2012 and operating as a not for profit organisation. The organisation was founded by Richard and Caroline Sutton who were inspired to create the organisation when their son, Max, was born with a rare chromosome disorder. They saw first-hand the hugely positive impact live music and arts activities had on Max’s life but there were very few inclusive and accessible events being supported.

The sole purpose of the company is to remove barriers that can preclude those with disabilities and additional needs from benefitting from involvement in music and the arts.

Disability Rocks creates festivals that combine a fantastic line-up of performances and events with locations carefully selected and configured to provide easy access and a wide range of enhanced specialist facilities in relaxed, entertaining and harmonious environment. There is also a commitment to showcasing the talent of artists and musicians who themselves have disabilities.

Diversity is the one true thing we have in common

National Diversity Awards at Anglican Cathedral

Winners at National Diversity Awards

We were so honoured to attend The National Diversity Awards on Friday 18th September at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral, a great venue for an incredibly inspiring event. The event ethos of Diversity is the One Thing We Have In Common …Let’s Celebrate It Together perfectly sums up our beliefs too.

We had no idea that we’d been shortlisted from over 20,000 entries down to just 50, so whilst we didn’t win our category, it marks a real milestone as we continue to raise our profile and increase our supporter base.

We’re thrilled for Oliver Hellowell and Include Me TOO for winning in their categories. Many thanks again to Jan Barkworth for our nomination and for everyone who voted for us.


IMAS tournament underway!

Picture of IMAS tournament

The first games of the Mixed Ability Rugby World Tournament will be kicking off today. Matches take places from Tuesday 18th August to Friday 21st August when Disability Rocks will be managing the closing ceremony entertainment.

For further details on all the events, take a look at the International Mixed Ability Sports organisation.

The Tin Pigeons, we thank you!

Tin Pigeons Run To The Coast crop

A huge thank you to Rutland based band The Tin Pigeons who are nearing the end of their ‘Run To The Coast’ from Burnham Thorpe to Norwich, playing gigs along the way and raising money for Disability Rocks.

Catch them on the 18th August in Sheringham and in Norwich on the 19th August. Many thanks to the band and everyone who’s supported them. To find out more about them, visit Soundcloud and their Facebook page.

Also a really timely reminder that even though we don’t have charitable status, we can still accept donations and fundraising directly through our status as a Community Interest Company. For further details, please just send us an email.


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